Moore's Springs Campground is at the confluence of Cascade Creek and the Dan River, providing great access to the river.  This access to the Dan River is for campground guest only (volunteer opportunities available).

There are several great day trips on the Dan that can be done from here.

Hart's Access to Moore's Springs ~ 8.5 miles

If that is too long there is also this great trip...

Moore's Springs to HRSP (Flinchum Rd.) ~ 4.5 miles

You can make this into a longer day out by continuing on to Moratauk Park in Danbury
Moore's Springs to Moratauk Park ~ 9.5 miles

A great Two Day trip combines 704 to Moore's Springs Campground, 

spend the night at the campground, and then continues to HRSP the 

next day.

Limited Shuttle Services are available by reservation.